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About us

Welcome to Nashou Dearz! We are delighted to greet you at our concept store, rooted in the heart of Beirut since 2019. As an ecommerce platform, we are devoted to offering timeless accessories that bring a touch of classic charm to any ensemble all inspired by culture within the region.

Our signature products are our uniquely designed hand fans. Available in various sizes and materials, each fan is crafted to suit specific scenarios—whether providing relief from warm climates or serving as elegant nighttime accessories.

Beyond our initial collection, we have broadened our range to include enamel pins, tumblers, keychains, yoga mats, umbrellas and more. Each new addition draws inspiration from the rich culture of our region, encapsulating our dedication to creating distinct items that carry cultural significance.

At Nashou Dearz, we uphold a standard of quality that ensures our accessories are not only visually appealing but also robust enough to withstand regular use and persist through time. This commitment to excellence is evident in our durable hand fans, designed to last.

More than just an online store, Nashou Dearz represents a thriving community. We are proud to have expanded our reach globally, with our products now available in select shops worldwide. Our user-friendly website enhances your shopping experience, allowing you to effortlessly browse our diverse collection, choose your favorites, and have them delivered straight to your door.

Join us on our journey to treasure nostalgia and embrace timeless fashion. Shop at Nashou Dearz and find the ideal accessory to enhance your style and express your unique personality.